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Please note this service is only available to patients currently registered at the Practice.

Please complete a separate Travel Vaccination Request Form for each individual and send it to

You will then be sent a confirmation email.

The ideal time for your travel appointment is 6-8 weeks prior to your departure. This gives sufficient time for vaccines to give maximum protection and for vaccination courses to be completed.

If you give less than two weeks notice prior to your departure it is unlikely that we will have an appointment available.

Please let us know of any vaccinations you have had at an outside clinic.

Please allow at least 7 days from our receipt of your form to the date of your appointment for us to process your Travel Vaccination requests.

If you need more than two vaccinations you may require an additional appointment.

        Prices per dose

         Hepatitis A - no charge

         Typhoid- no charge

         Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio - no charge

         Hepatitis B (initial course of 3 required) - 44 per dose

         Meningitis - 68 per dose

         Yellow fever (includes certificate) - 75 per dose

         Duplicate yellow fever certificate - 10

         Rabies (initial course of 3 required)- 75 per dose

         Japanese Encephalitis (initial course of 

        2 required) - 125 per dose

         Tick borne encephalitis (initial course of 2 required) - POA


Travel clinic days

There are early morning and late afternoon travel clinics appointments throughout the week. Please contact reception for details.


Useful websites


Travel Clinics

If we are unable to provide you with any recommended vaccinations, there are a number of private travel clinics such as:

UK Travel Vaccination Service

London Travel Clinic

1st Contact Travel Clinic




There are restricted supplies of Rabies vaccines.

Maloff protect is a form of malaria tablet. It is the same as Malorone and is available without prescription from chemists.

Please note that travel vaccinations are not part of the NHS and this service is provided privately. Therefore, you may be able to obtain the same service with an alternative supplier. Prices vary so please check before completing the travel vaccination form. By emailing, you are requesting / accepting the charges detailed in the form.


Travel Vaccination Form PDF Version
 Travel Vaccination Form Microsoft Word Version
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